SUNTECH High speed automatic surgical mask machine
SUNTECH High speed automatic surgical mask machine
SUNTECH High speed automatic surgical mask machine

Item specifics

100-120 pcs/min
7863*3685*1980mm(Standard models)
2000kgs(Standard models)
Electric Specs:
220V±5% ,50HZ,11KW, Single Phase
Air pump pressure:
0.5-0.7MPA,150 L/min
Required Environment:
Humidity:5-35%HR;Temperature:10-35 degree

Product review


Product Description

Suntech 2020 New Generation Super Speed Face Mask Making Machine (1+1)

It is a fully super high speed Automatic Surgical, Medical Mask Making Machine for disposable face masks from material feeding,nose wire implanting, blank mask welding/folding/cutting, ear loop wealding until a complete mask is finished. It could ensure thequality mask and greatly reduce the chance of human touching the material and save the labor cost.The capacity reaches to100-120pcs/min.
Technical Specifications
≥120 pcs/min
7863*3685*1980mm(Standard models)
2000kgs(Standard models)
Electric Specs:
220V±5% ,50HZ,11KW, Single Phase
Air pump pressure:
0.5-0.7MPA,150 L/min
Required Environment:
Details Images
1.Material Automatic Tension Controlling
2.Automatic Fabric Material Edge Correction
3.Servo Motor Controlled Earloop Welding

4.Cold Pressing,Better Earloop Folding Effect

5.Speed Adjustment by Button
Option 1: Online Packing
Option 2: Visual Inspection + UV Sterilization +Online Packing
Main Technical Features
The only supplier in China for Super High Speed Automatic Mask Machine(1 + 1).

Super High Speed, can reach 100-120pcs/min.(Traditional automatic mask machine 1+2 speed is only 60-70 pcs/min)

Using Full Servo Motor system to replace the cylinder, and new generation conveyor belt system, stable performance and high efficiency, don’t destroy the material.

The speed is 2.5 times that of the original traditional model comparing with the traditional(1 +1).Under the sameoutput production, the labor cost and space utilization can be decreased to 1/3.

Automatic counting,the production quantity can be settled.

Reasonable collection device,good for collect the finished mask body.

Factory Manufacturing