An interview with, Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager of Suntech about the impact of Covid-19 Crisis on Nonwovens industry in MENA.

An interview with Dr.Jacky, Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager of Suntech about the impact of Covid-19 Crisis on Nonwovens industry in MENA.


1. First of all, what impact will the melt blown nonwovens shortage have on the industry, and what alternatives are there for (if any) for facemask materials?


Melt blown nonwovens is a functional media has technical specifications and properties, with fiber diameter down to 0.5 micrometer and lower, plays as a FILTER layer to prevent transmission of viruses & Bacteria causing many diseases like Coronavirus - COVID-19 , Influenza and others, used in Surgical Masks & Respirators, wipes and other medical & hygienic disposables and it gives high protection to users, specially, medical teams in hospitals and health care centers to avoid infections, but in current circumstances and with shortage of melt blown nonwovens supplies, there is a big risk threaten the medical teams who are daily handling COVID-19 and other air-borne diseases patients, which will resemble a danger impact on the health service providers all over the world.Click to share to LinkedIn


In case of filter layers absence the face or surgical mask will prevent only the users from transferring body fluids to other people when they sneeze or cough, moreover, prevent the user from touching their mouth or nose with their hands (which may be contaminated with a patients body fluids)  but it will not have any filter function to stop the transmission of Bacteria and viruses.


Concerning the alternative material can displace the Melt blown Nonwovens : in fact , it is difficult to get the required specifications or properties and to achieve the approved filter function of melt blown through other nonwovens material , although there are a deep and substantial trials to develop some other material to act as filter and perform the same filtration function.


Melt blown Nonwovens plays as a FILTER layer

to prevent transmission of viruses & Bacteria


2.What measures has SUNTECH Manufacturers put in place to try and cope with or remain competitive amid this global crisis?Click to share to Facebook


In general, there are 3 directions has been put in place by SUNTECH Manufacturers to remain competitive amid this global crisis, as following:


1Maintaining nonwoven production capacity level to meet the accelerated & Growing market demand,


2Initiating new projects to set up many new melt-blown lines in China to meet growing market demand & to address the current shortage.


3R&D departments has started many developmental projects on other material to act as melt blown nonwovens in filtration function .


3. What does the situation appear to be like where you are, in terms of confirmed coronavirus cases and what social distancing measures are in place?


Situation in MENA, especially in Saudi Arabia is much better than other American and Europe countries all over the word.


the infected cases are growing slowly from day to another and the government had taken an intrinsic procedure to control & decrease the pandemic transmission as curfew and prevent any kind of social gathering and call people to stay at home.


4. In your 50years in the nonwovens industry, have you ever witnessed anything this damaging from an economic and health perspective?


Honestly speaking, the current crisis is unique in its global impact on economy and health care and I have never witnessed any similar or semi similar crisis like it.


even its impact on our industry is positive as it raises the global demand and change people minds toward more prophylactic healthy measures and increase the utilization of medical and hygiene disposables.try Suntech ST-ASS spunbond nonwoven machine


5. What do you believe the industry should do now to ride the stormand remain strong?


I believe that the Nonwovens industry should:


1keep production capacity at the highest level to meet the Accelerated market demand because of the crisis & protect labor and Keep them safe & maintain a healthy manufacturing environment with sanitary housekeeping.


2R&D should work hardly to develop and qualify other new material to meet the new & variable applications and requirements.


(3)The Nonwovens players should outlook the potential market growth after Covid-19 Crisis-end and plan accordingly.


6. What long-term impact do you believe COVID-19 will have on the nonwovens and related industries?


Indeed , the current COVID-19 Crisis has shown the actual capabilities of the Medical Sector all over the world and it proofed that there was a short and incomplete vision for the medical sector services and its capabilities to face any similar Crisis, henceforth, there are many new governmental regulations to support medical industry and its supply chain to provide a strategical stocks of medical disposable materials and to build a strong & a strategical capabilities against any threat in the future similar to COVID-19 .


A positive impact on Nonwovens industry as a result of raising global demand & new regulations which will boost the CAGR and change it positively after COVID-19 Crisis-end towards achieving more remarkable growth.


With 50 years of technical precipitation and design experience, Suntech has meticulously developed and produced non-woven fabric machines, melt blown machines, mask machines and other intelligent equipment and non-woven mask materials. Welcome to inquire in detail.