The covid-19 pandemic is a protracted battle, masks need to be worn for a long time, Suntech mask machine won the favor of the world

The covid-19 pandemic is a protracted battle, masks need to be worn for a long time, Suntech mask machine won the favor of the world


The speed of the covid-19 pandemic has declined, but because the base is too large, the pandemic may continue for another year. The virus mutates quickly and the vaccine effect is poor. People still need to wear masks for a long time. Suntech mask machine helps human health cause and is favored by the world.

Since 2020, the covid-19 pandemic has been particularly serious, with a total of more than 24.5 million confirmed cases worldwide and more than 2.5 million deaths. Although the growth rate of the pandemic has declined recently, the pandemic is still not optimistic because the base is too large. The World Health Organization declares that the pandemic is expected to end in early 2022. This means that the pandemic will last at least more than a year.


The pandemic growth rate has declined, but the situation is still not optimistic.Since January in the United States, the number of new pandemic cases has decreased by 44% in two weeks, deaths have decreased by 32%, and hospitalizations have decreased by 30%.Click to share to LinkedIn


In the past week, the number of cases in the United States has fallen by 29%.


The number of new cases in the UK, a major European epidemic, has fallen by 40%, and deaths have fallen by 46%, down to the level of the pandemic in October last year.


The pandemic in Europe as a whole is falling off a cliff.Click to share to Facebook


The number of vaccines purchased globally exceeds 7.7 billion, and the total number of vaccines is over 100 million. The number of vaccinations exceeds the number of people infected with covid-19.


Should covid-19 stop food? I'm afraid it's not that fast yet. After all, the infection base is huge. Although most countries have stepped down from the peak of the pandemic, the "difficult, chaotic, and delayed" vaccination phenomenon has not stopped, and there is no guarantee of continued supply of vaccines until the virus is blocked.


And Europeans and Americans don't like to wear masks. When the pandemic improves slightly, they will take off the masks and start traveling. The pandemic will break out again. As a result, Nahid Bhadelia, the medical director of the Boston Medical Center, predicts that death rates and hospitalizations in the United States will surge in February and March.


At present, the "hodgepodge" mutant viruses from South Africa, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, France and other places are spreading around the world. Cases caused by new strains have appeared in most parts of the United States. Once the mutated virus dominates, the protection rate of the existing vaccine will decrease, and the vaccine is likely to fail. At present, after a period of trial of the vaccine in the United States, it has been found that the vaccine has a low defense against the mutant virus. This has caused a helpless fact-the development of a vaccine is not permanent, and must be continuously updated and improved. People may get the covid-19 vaccine once a year.



China CDC issued a warning: Covid-19 will become a long-term disease. Coupled with the uneven distribution of vaccines, the rich have them and the poor have none, and the global distribution of vaccines will have to be a game for a while.


May need to wear a mask for a long time

Even if the vaccine becomes popular, people still need to wear masks for a long time because of the huge base of infection and rapid virus mutation. Mask production has also become a long-term task. At present, all countries are producing masks at full capacity, and the supply of mask machines exceeds demand.try Suntech Mask machine


Since 2020, orders for mask machines from all over the country have continued to flock to China, which was the first to emerge from the pandemic and quickly resume production. As a well-known Chinese machinery and equipment manufacturer, Suntech has been deeply involved in the field of health and health and has 50 years of technology accumulation. And design experience has gradually become the first choice for foreign customers to buy mask machines. After the mask machines manufactured by Suntech according to the standards of "Jinggong Intelligent Manufacturing" are sold overseas, the reputation is bursting, and the customer return rate is extremely high.

Suntech's mask machine customers mainly come from customer recommendations and word of mouth. Among them, the British company PRO-TECH MASKS LTD has taken the initiative to shoot mask machine promotional videos many times and introduced many new customers. Speaking of the fate with PRO-TECH MASKS LTD, it goes back to July 2020.

PRO-TECH MASKS LTD Video for thanks


In July 2020, when the covid-19 pandemic broke out, the European and American regions that were plagued by the pandemic fell into a "mask shortage". The British company PRO-TECH MASKS LTD, which is eager to produce masks, compared multiple mask machines on the Internet. In the end, PRO-TECH MASKS LTD initiated an equipment consultation with the Chinese machinery manufacturer Suntech. He admitted that only China was the first to get out of the epidemic in the epidemic. He believed in the strength of Chinas intelligent manufacturingand was more willing to choose Chinese manufacturers. Suntech It is also a well-known mechanical equipment manufacturer in China, with 50 years of technical precipitation and design experience, smart equipment covering health, textile machinery, smart storage, robotics and other fields, with more than 4,500 customers and 15,000 machine installation cases worldwide.


During the inquiry process, the customer was worried that the installation and debugging of the equipment would delay the production time. Suntech promised to provide offshore technical support to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and promised a 13-month warranty. Finally, the customer ordered a flat mask machine and A packaging machine.


On the day the equipment arrived, it was debugged by the engineer, and it ran normally immediately, and the production speed reached 120-160 pieces/min. The customer gave a "thumb" to China's smart manufacturing and China's speed. After that, PRO-TECH MASKS LTD not only established a long-term cooperative relationship with Suntech, but also took the initiative to shoot promotional videos for the mask machine, and repeatedly referred Suntech to other customers who needed to buy a mask machine.


Suntech ST-AMM Mask machine


In addition to mask machines, Suntech also produces intelligent medical equipment such as meltblown machines, spunmelt non-woven machines, spunbonded non-woven machines, etc., based on the standard of "precision manufacturing" and the purpose of "serving customers". Welcome to inquire in detail.