Does Trump baby use cotton diapers or diapers? Which is more suitable for babies?

Does Trump baby use cotton diapers or diapers? Which is more suitable for babies?


The Trump baby balloon will be collected by the London Museum. Cotton diapers or diapers, which is more comfortable? Suntech diapers help upgrade the comfort of diapers.

From 2018 to 2019, in protest against the Trump administrations hateful and divisive policies, Londoners twice released the Trump Babyballoon during Trumps visit to the UK, so that Trump complained that I dont popular". After that, balloons appeared in France, Argentina, Ireland, Denmark, and even many places in the United States.Click to share to LinkedIn


Recently, according to the British "Guardian" report, as a symbol of Londoners protesting against US President Trump, this 6-meter-high balloon will be collected by the London Museum.Click to share to Facebook


Sharon Emment, the director of the Museum of London, thinks that this balloon could be placed here, because it was born in London and represents a typical British humor: irony. He also said that the museum's move has nothing to do with politics, and it does not mean that they have any views on the current state of American politics. However, the creator of the "Trump Baby" balloon expressed the hope that people who see this balloon can think about how to fight "hate politics."


Many netizens began to tease, is Trump wearing cotton diapers or diapers? So, should a newborn baby wear cotton diapers or should they have diapers? The elderly will always tell you earnestly that homemade cotton diapers are the most healthy and environmentally friendly, they are safe and can be recycled. But many mothers think that cotton diapers will leak urine if they are not absorbent, and they must be replaced if they become wet, and they have to be washed, which is too troublesome. The following analyzes the performance of the following cotton diapers and diapers.


Comfort comparison


Cotton diapers are usually superimposed and stitched by ordinary cotton cloth, which has a certain degree of water absorption. Cotton materials are generally skin-friendly. In traditional concepts, cotton products contain no harmful substances, are healthier, and are more suitable for babies.


Diaper is mainly composed of three parts: surface covering layer, absorbent core layer and base cloth.


1. The surface covering layer (skin-friendly layer) is close to the baby's body. It is generally a breathable non-woven fabric surface layer, which can increase the degree of air permeability inside the diaper. Water vapor can circulate outside the diaper to expel moisture and heat in time. Effectively reduce the chance of eczema, basically does not irritate the skin.

2. The absorbent core layer is mainly composed of pure wood pulp (fluff pulp) and super absorbent resin (SAP) to form a layered structure, which plays the role of absorption, and subdivides the absorbent core layer, including the diversion layer, the absorbent layer and the original fluff pulp.

3. The leak-proof bottom fabric layer (outer surface layer) is also a non-woven fabric material, which mainly prevents penetration and avoids contaminating clothing. Some products use a breathable bottom film to enhance the breathability of diapers.


After repeated research and experiments, the current diapers can absorb water and breathe.


In terms of comfort, the cotton diapers just put on and the diapers are very soft, almost incomparable. After being wet, the traditional cotton diapers will become very wet and cold, and the comfort will be drastically reduced. The absorbent layer in the middle of the diaper can quickly absorb the urine and keep the surface dry. Therefore, in terms of overall comfort, diapers are slightly better.


Is it prone to red butt

Many mothers have encountered babies with red buttocks. Red buttocks are mostly caused by babies not changing their diapers immediately after urinating or defecation.


Because the cotton diapers cant be used if they get wet, in order to maintain the babys comfort, the family will change the cotton diapers and wash the babys ass as soon as the baby pulls the urine. The frequent changes of cotton diapers have indeed reduced the Chance of red butt. But if the breathability of the diaper is good enough, the red butt can be reduced, and the trouble of changing the diaper can be saved. In general, young parents are more inclined to have good breathable diapers.


 (Suntech ST-ADMM diapers machine

How to improve the comfort of diapers?


Common materials for general diapers include: non-woven fabrics, diversion layers, toilet paper, SAP, bottom film, elastic bands, adhesive stickers (front + left and right), waist elastic bands, etc. With the advancement of technology, these materials have gradually evolved into more and more healthy, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly materials.


1. Surface non-woven fabric layer: The functional classification of non-woven fabrics used for diapers is becoming more and more refined, including surface hydrophilic non-woven fabrics, standing water-resistant non-woven fabrics, and impregnated layer non-woven fabrics. Since it is close to baby's skin, it must be skin-friendly and breathable.


2. Adhesive stickers: plastic adhesive stickers (generally-silent)-non-woven adhesive stickers-Velcro. The paste should be easy to paste and tear, and it can be pasted repeatedly. If the paste is accidentally stuck to the baby's skin, it will not cause damage to the baby's delicate skin.


3. SAP: The share of SAP in the core is increasing, initially below 10%, now it is generally around 30%-40%, and individual as high as 70%. The core should have good water absorption, can absorb a large amount of urine instantly, ensure that it does not leak urine and is dry enough.


4. Bottom film: PE film or PE film + non-woven fabric. The bottom film is close to the absorbent layer, which should prevent urine leakage and have good water barrier and air permeability.


There are generally three types of base films:

(1) PE plastic bottom film: poor hand feeling and poor air permeability, you can refer to the feeling of plastic bag on your hand.

(2) PE+spunbond non-woven fabric surface layer: good hand feeling, easy to pilling, and general air permeability.

(3) Hot-air non-woven fabric bottom film: soft hand feeling, good air permeability, and slightly higher price.

It can be seen that the air permeability of the hot air non-woven fabric bottom film is better, of course, the price of such diapers is also more expensive.


The hot air non-woven bottom film is a combination of air-permeable film and heated air non-woven fabric. Hot-air non-woven fabric is a kind of hot-air bonding (hot-rolled, hot-air) non-woven fabric. After the fiber is carded, the hot air on the drying equipment is used to penetrate the fiber web to make it heated. Bonded non-woven fabric.


Main raw material of hot air non-woven fabric: ES fiber is the most ideal thermal bonding fiber, which is mainly used for non-woven fabric thermal bonding processing. When the carded fiber web is thermally bonded by hot-rolling or hot-air penetration, the low-melting-point components form a fusion bond at the intersection of the fibers. After cooling, the fibers at the non-intersections remain in their original state. It is a form of "point bonding" instead of "zone bonding", so the product has the characteristics of bulkiness, flexibility, high strength, oil absorption, blood absorption and so on.


In recent years, the rapid development of the application of thermal bonding method depends entirely on these new synthetic fiber materials. The ES fiber and the PP fiber are mixed and then subjected to thermal bonding or needle punching treatment, so that the ES fibers are cross-linked and bonded. This method has the advantage that no adhesive and backing cloth are required.


The hot-air bonding non-woven fabric bottom film technology can play a better role in ventilation and effectively relieve the stuffiness. The hot-air bonding process is a production method in which hot air penetrates the fiber web on the drying equipment to make it melted by heat to produce adhesion, so that the bottom film of the diaper has high bulkiness, good elasticity, soft hand feeling, and strong warmth retention. Good air permeability and water permeability. 

5. The quality of the film is gradually improving. From the general film-breathable film-breathable composite film, it has gradually evolved, and the air permeability is getting better and better.


How to test the breathability of diapers?


Prepare warm water and a new diaper. The warm water is about 45 degrees, do not use boiled, too hot is impractical, just make sure there is hot air. Pour warm water into the diaper and fully absorb it. After pouring the warm water, we put a cup on the diaper. We can see the heat coming out to the inner wall of the cup and slowly forming water droplets. This means that the diaper is breathable.


At present, there is no shortage of diaper manufacturers in the market, but there is a lack of diaper manufacturers. suntech produces diapers machine and diapers products based on the "precision manufacturing" standard, 50 years of technical precipitation and design experience, to care for the baby's health and start from the heart.